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August 7, 2010


 A praise report: Last fall I was diagnosed with prostate cancer and sent to a specialist to have seed implants, the dr. wanted me to wait till the first of the year and do another test. I went back last week for another biopsy got the results today....the Dr. said no signs of cancer...Praise be to God my healer!






I pray that GOD will help us through another year with spiritial blessings, physical blessings, financial blessings and most of all LOVE for one another!  Thank you GOD for your Blessings on me!



Prayer Requests:

Bro. Stanley was diagnoised with prostate cancer in the first stage, he will be having radiation treatment soon....  his wife will be having a procedure 8/8/10 ....... Bro. Stanleys brother Roby is still being fed with a feeding tube and trying to get through pneumonia, he is the last of 8 brothers.........Bro. Vince still needing a touch from God also........many more request in the church......Prayer changes things...........

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Prayer Request

June 14, 2007

PRAYER REQUEST: We have been for some time needing a fellowship hall for the church. We prayed about a lot and building next to the church, but the price was more than the church could handle financally. We have decided to purchase a doublewide to use for fellowship and visiting ministers to stay in.  Help us pray that God will help us financally.

May God Bless You !


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